This blog has been created with the idea of talk about the Hedge Witchcraft. My interest is to talk about this practice from an educational and spiritual perspective based in what a I’ve been learning and my personal experience. With this in mind I can help others in this path.

Today we try to match with the ancient practices of the Arte. But, to tell you the truth, much of the old background has been lost. And the only way that we can connect with the lost threads of the old Arte is studying the past. And then we can take the lost threads in and reconnect what was the old school. And that is another purpose of the blog, collaborate with this connection through the study.

I want to clarify that this blog is not a Wiccan web page. All the witches are not a Wiccan and all the Wiccan are not witches.

If you come with the interest to know about the Hedge Witchcraft you will be welcome. Here you will find historic and basic information on the practice. Knowledge about herbs, home remedies and natural medicine. In short, you will find literature that will enrich you whether you are a practitioner or not. Knowledge never exceeds.

The structure of the blog

The structure of the blog is a basic. You will find posts about the practice and some rituals. You can go to the bottom of the page or sidebar and use the labels and categories. The categories for now are: Basic Concepts, Tools for the Arte, Those who are with us.

May the wind blow in your favor…

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